Take Your Wellbeing Quiz and find out how to improve key aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Your Wellbeing Quiz will measure you against MVEMENT’s 6 key pillars of good health.


Your current lifestyle habits will impact every other pillar of your health. Identifying and then replacing bad habits with new healthier behaviours is the first step to improving health, happiness and productivity.


Implementing healthy choices into your life that are both tasty and nutritious will boost your energy, strengthen your immune system and improve body composition.


When you build a base of healthy, resilient joints everything becomes easier. You have less pain, you move with more freedom and, ultimately, you have more confidence that your body is capable of doing the things that you need it to do.


Keeping fit is so much more than just working out; it’s about finding ways to stay active and selecting the correct exercise to match your current state and finding the right solutions to match your specific needs.

Mental Wellbeing

The control you have over your day and the perception of time will enhance your mood, allow you to better handle stress and leave you able to perform at your best.


Getting more than seven hours of quality sleep a night is essential for your muscles to recuperate and for your mind to unwind, safeguarding against burnout whilst improving productivity and creativity.

Your Wellness Quiz benchmarks how conducive your current lifestyle habits are to achieving optimal health and wellness.

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Your health governs how you perform mentally and physically. Therefore if your health is suffering so will your chances of success in your work and private life.

"Working with MVEMENT has been an education, and one which is having a huge impact on my health and overall wellbeing."
Neil M – Media Executive
"I have just completed phase one of the MVEMENT programme and have found it to be truly transformational.  My approach to my own well-being is now balanced and thoughtful."
Andy M – Trader